Use New Bing in Any Browser

Feb 16, 2023
How to use the new Bing AI assistant in any browser
With the introduction of AI assistants like ChatGPT and the new Bing, I am absolutely thrilled. After exploring the new Bing, I am amazed at the capabilities it has to offer. It is incredibly user-friendly and allows me to easily search for information.
However, Bing is currently only available in Microsoft Edge. This post explains how to use the new Bing AI assistant in any browser, using Microsoft Edge's debug tool and plugins for Chrome and Firefox.
Firstly, Open Microsoft Edge and press F12 to open its debug tool. Switch to the "Network" tab.
notion image
Open new Bing chat and select the first item in the "Network" tab. This should be a request to the Bing page with a status code of 200. Find Request Headers in the tab.
notion image
Take note of the entries related to the browser and search page. Copy the following three:
It is recommended to copy the value in your own browser rather than using the provided ones, as they may not be up to date.
notion image
Then set up these headers in your main browser with some plugins.

For Chrome:

Config as follows:
notion image

For Firefox:

Open the options page and add the headers as follows:
notion image
That's done! Now you can open the new Bing chat in your browser and experience its power!
This post was written with the help of Notion AI. Artificial Intelligence tools are sure to revolutionize our lives and production in the near future, if not already. I'm excited to see what the future holds.

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